Bird Care

Fostering and Nurturing your Pet Bird

Nutritional Diet

Diet is extremely important for the overall health and happiness of your pet bird.

Good Nutrition plays an essential role in Bird’s overall development. Unhealthy diet and lack of proper nutrition is the main cause of diseases and death in pet birds.
Balance nutritional diet is required which includes not only seeds but seasonal fruits and vegetables, sprouts and pallets etc to fulfill their daily requirement of vitamins and minerals for their good health.

We ensure providing fresh fruits, vegetables, seed pallets and nuts for the overall health of the birds. Along with that we also provide routine and diet chart for your new feathered friend at the time of delivery so that you don’t feel any difficulty and will happily start your journey.

Bathing is one of the activity that birds enjoy the most which softens dirt on feathers and skin and encourages preening. Give access to your pet bird to frequent baths during the day when temperature is warm to allow your bird’s feathers to dry completely.
The best and safest way to bathe your bird is with plain, clean water.

Cleanliness & Hygiene
Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene for your pet bird is very important to keep them free from various kinds of infection. Cleaning of cages, toys and perches regularly is mandatory for your pet bird’s good health and keep them healthy and free from all types of diseases.